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Provide accessible, easy-to-understand information about Colorado school performance. Read more about the nonprofit coalition behind Colorado School Grades.

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Using the exact same variables and weights as the Colorado Department of Education’s School Performance Framework, we translate the state’s data into letter grades (A-F) for public schools.

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We support the efforts of community members, students, and educators to improve their schools.

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Marcelo Balboa, Former Men’s US National Soccer Team Captain, National Soccer Hall of Fame Member 

“As a parent of two boys with limited time, it is very helpful to have an easy-to-understand website where we can learn about school performance and ensure that all schools are putting all kids on a path to success.” 

Nate Easley, Executive Director, Denver Scholarship Foundation, and former DPS School Board Member  

“It’s very important for parents and community members to have accurate, transparent information about school performance. This enables us to hold those who are responsible for our kids’ learning accountable.” 

Nelson Garcia, 9News News Reporter 

“It is our role as a community to hold high expectations for our schools. Colorado School Grades shows us successful schools and those that need a little more help. With this information, we can come together and take the action necessary to make sure all schools achieve for our kids.” 

Jandel Allen-Davis, Vice President Government and External Relations, Kaiser Permanente

“Education can be a great equalizer when all schools produce results for kids. The ability to compare school performance side-by-side is an invaluable resource in the school choice process. Colorado School Grades is an excellent resource to use when you are deciding which school would be best for your child.”